Global leaders
in green ammonia

We’re commercialising carbon-neutral, electrochemical technology for sustainable agriculture, ammonia-fuelled transport and renewable energy exports.

Green Ammonia

Our patented modular technology will produce carbon-neutral, green ammonia at local, regional or national scale. It will help secure food supply chains, promote sustainable agriculture and transport, and enable the export of renewable energy.

Sustainable agriculture

We decarbonise fertiliser production by making green ammonia from renewable energy, while our scalable, modular technology reduces transportation needs.

Reduced transport emissions

Green ammonia can be used as a clean-burning fuel that could replace heavy fuel oil in international shipping.

Export renewable energy

With the global infrastructure for ammonia transport and storage already in place, we can convert Australia’s solar and wind power into green ammonia for export.

Our Technology

Developed by world leading researchers at Monash University, our breakthrough electrolytic cell is the first of its kind to stably produce ammonia with 100% selectivity.