About Us

We have developed breakthrough electrochemical technology to produce green ammonia.

Our mission is to mitigate climate change by meeting the growing demand for clean energy and carbon-neutral fertilisers for sustainable agriculture.

Our Journey

Professor Douglas MacFarlane and Dr Alexandr (Sasha) Simonov founded Jupiter Ionics in 2021 to commercialise this vital outcome of many years of research.

Our fast-growing team is based at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where we have a strong, long-standing relationship with the School of Chemistry.

Our Name

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, has clouds, rain and hail made from ammonia. Ionics refers to ions, the charged atoms and molecules critical to the electrochemical process by which we produce ammonia.

The Jupiter Ionics team

Our Team

Charlie Day


Charlie is a chemical engineer by training and an experienced technology commercialisation executive, board member, investor and mentor. As the former CEO of Innovation and Science Australia, he advised the Australian Government on policies to build a more vibrant and robust innovation ecosystem.

Prof. Douglas MacFarlane

Founder and CSO

Doug is a world-leading expert in green ammonia, electrochemistry and ionic liquids. An Australian Research Council Fellow and Sir John Monash Distinguished Professor at Monash University’s School of Chemistry, Doug has received the Australian Academy of Science Craig Medal, and the Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation. He also co-founded tech company Aquahydrex to produce green hydrogen.

Brent O'Connor


Brent trained as an electrical engineer and gained extensive experience in early-stage, technology-intensive companies, including product development, testing, manufacturing and market entry in multiple countries. Before joining Jupiter Ionics in 2022, Brent was Product Manager for Redflow, the leading Australian Zinc-Bromine flow-battery developer.

Who we work with

We acknowledge and appreciate the many supporters who are helping bring our technology to market, including:


We’re always interested to talk with talented scientists, engineers and business developers keen to help bring our innovative technology to market.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Jupiter Ionics offers a dynamic work environment at the frontiers of technology, where you’ll face fresh challenges daily as we address the threat of climate change and seize the opportunities presented by green ammonia.

You’ll need exceptional creativity and tenacity to solve complex problems. We value diversity and collaboration and strive to provide flexible work that enables team members to contribute their best.

We currently have an opening for a Mechanical Engineer to join our team as a Cell Stack Designer.

For more information about the role, and to apply, please view the job on Seek

For more information, or to express your interest, please email jobs@jupiterionics.com