Join us in developing world-leading solutions for a sustainable future. You’ll help solve challenging global problems in a supportive environment with a healthy work-life balance.

What we do

Our team is developing technology to create green ammonia using air, water and renewable energy.

Our patented, carbon-neutral method revolutionises the production of ammonia by replacing the current Haber-Bosch process which generates two tons of carbon dioxide for every tonne of ammonia.

We are now working to scale-up the technology to allow more efficient, decentralised production at local, regional and national scale.

Two of our team displaying our patented MSA cell

The Jupiter Ionics team

Why work at Jupiter Ionics

At Jupiter Ionics, you’ll help develop break-through technology to fight climate change and enable sustainable agriculture.

Our team of more than 15 talented researchers, scientists and engineers aren’t afraid to take big risks and push the boundaries to drive the energy transition.

We’re dedicated to the well-being and development of every team member and provide a flexible, supportive environment where you can grow both professionally and personally.

Plus, we live and work in beautiful Melbourne, recently ranked as one of the world’s most liveable cities!


*We recognise that nowadays, people want flexibility when it comes to their work – that’s why we work with you to establish a preferred way of working. This may include working remotely from home, using one of our offices or “innovation hubs” accessible within the Monash Technology Precinct, or you can work with us as a contractor/ freelancer.

Meet some of our team

Brent O'Connor (Chief Technology Officer)

Brent O'Connor

(Chief Technology Officer)

Brent is an electrical engineer whose career has taken him to eight different countries in a variety of roles, from mobile phone design to zinc-bromine flow battery development. He’s spent over 22 years designing, manufacturing, installing and providing operational support for products at technology-intensive start-up companies.

Brent now leads our highly skilled team of scientists and engineers to scale up Jupiter Ionics’ pioneering green ammonia technology.

I’ve always gravitated towards developing products at the cutting edge of technology,” says Brent. “I love being able to make something new, make it better, and keep improving it. There’s always something new to learn.

Jupiter Ionics has given me the opportunity to be part of a world-leading team working at the cutting edge of ammonia decarbonisation. To be part of the team solving this challenge and contributing to the energy transition is very rewarding.

Brent’s family moved from Brisbane to Melbourne for the role, where they have embraced their new home. “There are so many opportunities to visit different places and see new things without driving long distances,” he says.

The people are friendly, there are great schools, the coffee is pretty good – and of course the sport is awesome!

Dr Shohreh Moshtari Khah

(Electrochemical Engineer)

Shohreh is a chemical engineer with decades of experience in both research and industry.  She has worked in a variety of projects around the world, gaining expertise in simulation and process optimisation, analytical chemistry, separation processes and mathematical modelling.

At Jupiter Ionics, Shohreh works on developing key separation processes to produce green ammonia. She spends her days building and running experiments in the laboratory, analysing results, preparing presentations and finding new ways to scale up production.

She loves the hands-on nature of her role. “I’ve always liked the combination of research and development with industrial work. The research side is complex and challenging, and the outcomes of that research will have real-world applications, which really motivates me.

After growing up in Iran, moving to the Netherlands, and then relocating to Perth, Shohreh now calls Melbourne home. She loves its vibrant mix of cultures and “the whole vibe” of the city. “It’s so lively but doesn’t feel crazy or crowded like other cities. There’s so much to do here.

Shohreh works part-time at Jupiter so she can spend more time enjoying the Melbourne lifestyle with her family.

Dr Andrew Nattestad

(Senior Reactor Engineer)

Andrew is a materials engineer with a passion for sustainable and renewable energy generation technologies. He’s spent his career researching and developing innovative materials and methods for improving solar cells and a range of other advanced technologies.

There’s no such thing as a “typical” day at Jupiter Ionics says Andrew. “I’m across many different projects: lots of discussion and planning with researchers, reading through literature, as well as odd jobs to build things and design new cells. There’s so much variety, and I enjoy the challenge.”

The potential benefits of Jupiter Ionic’s ground-breaking green ammonia technology keeps Andrew motivated. “There’s nothing currently like it being produced at scale. What we’re seeing in the laboratory holds a lot of promise. This technology will have a big positive impact on society.”

Andrew grew up in Melbourne and lived in Wollongong for many years while he studied and worked at the University of Wollongong before moving back home. “I love the culture here: lots of restaurants, bars, live music. It’s got all the stuff that makes life enjoyable.” There’s also plenty of time to spend with friends and family – including Lacey, his Staffy cross who “needs a lot of attention.”

Our values

Our values shape the way we connect, tell stories, and work with each other.

As we grow and improve, our values will help shape the team and company we become. Sitting with these is a fierce and uncompromising commitment to ensuring the health and safety of our people, products, and the broader community.    

Determined problem solvers

We work hard to tackle difficult problems in pursuit of worthwhile goals. We bring tenacity & urgency to our work.


We believe in the transformative power of science to find innovative solutions that can unlock a better future.


We do our best work when we work together, helping each other to solve challenging problems.

Strengthened by diversity

We believe teams that bring a variety of life experiences to their work are more creative and effective.

Energised by sustainability

We see the opportunity in transitioning society towards more sustainable foundations, including promoting a healthy global nitrogen cycle.

Job openings

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The application process
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