Jupiter Ionics a finalist in AFR Higher Education award

Green ammonia pioneer Jupiter Ionics was selected as a finalist at this year’s Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Award for Research Commercialisation Excellence which highlights the significant contribution the sector makes to Australian prosperity and quality of life.

The Monash University spinout is commercialising world-first technology in the production of carbon-neutral green ammonia.

Monash University researchers and co-founders Prof Doug Macfarlane and Dr Alexandr Simonov developed this electrochemical process which converts nitrogen from air into liquid ammonia using only water and renewable energy.

Currently, 80% of man-made ammonia is used as fertiliser for food production.

Manufacturing these fertilisers is responsible for 2% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions.

Jupiter Ionics CEO Dr Charlie Day said their development of a novel technology that can produce carbon-neutral green ammonia was a significant milestone towards a decarbonised future.

“We’re honoured to be nominated for this distinguished award as we progress towards our vision of a future powered by green ammonia,” he said.

Jupiter Ionics’ technology can produce green ammonia at local, regional, and national scales, helping secure food supply chains, promote sustainable agriculture and transport, and enable renewable energy export.