Jupiter Ionics shortlisted in Governor of Victoria Startup Awards

Jupiter Ionics has been shortlisted in the Governor of Victoria Startup Awards, celebrating the State’s trailblazing contributors to its $91 billion start-up sector.

The Melbourne-based start-up was ranked in the Top 30 for the Best Newcomer category for its breakthrough work on Green Ammonia technology.

Ammonia is widely used as fertiliser and is essential in the global food system, but current technology typically generates around 2 tonnes of CO2 for every tonne of ammonia produced.

Jupiter Ionics’ technology, exclusively licensed from Monash University, uses renewable electricity, air, and water to make ammonia with potentially zero carbon emissions.

Jupiter Ionics CEO Dr Charlie Day said Victoria was a great place to build a deep tech start-up.

“We’re passionate about Australia’s potential to be a clean energy superpower and our company is playing its role in that narrative by ensuring Victoria is nurturing the technologies that are making it happen,” he said.

Victoria is home to more than 2,950 start-ups — technology-driven companies that use innovative business models and technology to grow quickly and service global markets.

Green Ammonia is expected to have a range of uses in a low-carbon future, including as a significant clean energy source for replacing fossil fuels. Ammonia-powered trains and ships are already in development.